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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 1%
$500 the discount is 2%
$1000 the discount is 3%

After payment, you will immediately get a Twitch account with activated status Twitch Prime (Region Free / without regional restrictions)
You can get ALL currently available awards from Twitch

The account will be in the form of Login: Password


No Free Subscription!
This type of product exclusively for bonuses in the game.

Promotion PUBG Deadmau5 and Spa and Jungle chests on TWITCH ENDED AND YOU WILL NOT GET THEM !!!


If you previously tied your account to another Twitch account and GOT 2 Wrecking Ball Loot Boxes or September GOLDEN BOX, then you cannot get the new GOLDEN BOX, so don’t buy a new account !!!

If you previously tied your Rainbow Six account to another Twitch account and RECEIVED 8 PACK + TIBI bonuses, then the new 4 PACK can be obtained only from the same Twitch account, so do not buy a new one !!!

The Twitch Prime account itself will work no more than 1-30 days, keep this in mind before buying and immediately use the bonuses you need !!!
Warframe Activation
1. Follow the link -
2. Click on the "Link your accounts" button.
3. Log in to your Twitch account.
4. Items will be available the next time you start the game.

Activating Apex Legends: Omega Point Pathfinder
1. Follow the link:
2. Click "Claim Now"
3. Log in to your Origin account and allow access
4. Log into the game and get your gifts

Rainbow Six Activation
1. Follow the link -
2. Log in to the purchased account by clicking the Log in / Sign up button at the top right and then click on the "Connect Your Uotoft Account to Claim Your Loot" button
3. Link your Ubisoft account and purchased Twitch account.
4. Enter the game and get the items.

Assassin’s Creed Activation
1. Link your Ubisoft account and the purchased Twitch account by the link -
2. Log in to Assisin´s Creed Odyssey. Rewards will be available in the game when you log in.
3. You must have purchased Assisin´s Creed Odyssey for activation.

World of Tanks Activation
1. Sign in to your Twitch account at and after that click on the crown sign in the upper right corner and click on claim offer
2. Log in to your Wargaiming and link the Twitch account you purchased to your World of Tanks account.
3. Accrual bonuses from Twitch can take up to 24 hours, if not immediately, then wait

Runescape activation
1. Sign in to your Twitch account on and then click on the crown sign in the upper right corner and click on the offer to offer Runescape bonus
2. Link your Twitch account with your RuneScape account here
3. Your RuneScape membership has begun! If you do not see the Twitch RuneScape loot, then go to Diango in the Village Drynor.

[3] - Activation of Neverwinter
1. Follow the link -
2. Link your account neverwinter and purchased account Twitch.
3. Enter the game and get the items.

[8] - Activation of World of Tanks

1. Log out of all Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts.
2. Follow the link -
3. Click on the "Claim Now" button.
4. Log in to your Twitch account.
5. Click on the "Link accounts to use loot" button.
6. Select a server (for CIS countries, select Other countries in the Europe column) and link accounts. Accruing a bonus can take up to 24 hours, if not immediately, wait
Note: After activating the Charlie bonus, you cannot receive all subsequent Twitch bonuses for WOT until February 2020. If you want to receive every month, then start your Twitch and pay Amazon subscription

24.05.2019 16:26:22
Всё норм, работает
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Всё работает! Спасибо продавцу!!!!!
19.05.2019 11:53:52
пришел сразу, все работает
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Получил мгновенно! Всё работает! Спасибо продавцу!!!!!
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all ok
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очень рекомендую все работает хоть и не сразу разобрался ! спасибо продавцу
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Продавец отличный, неверные данные поменял в течении 2 минут, рекомендую всем.
11.05.2019 18:25:52
Everything was perfect and fast
Recommending this seller :)
11.05.2019 14:09:57
Сначала попался неверный логин/пароль. Но потом все уладилось. Товар качественный.
11.05.2019 0:09:16
Акк рабочий, замена не нужна была. Жаль, что без подписки. Но благо акк не для этого покупался.
10.05.2019 12:22:03
Хороший продавец всем советую
09.05.2019 16:16:46
Продавец, узнав что этот аккаунт не работает, очень быстро заменил его, спасибо огромное за понимание, мое уважение таким людям
08.05.2019 15:56:03
очень круто!) спасибо большое! ЛЮди это не обман ! Они реально продают эти акки с праймом все очень просто и легко.
07.05.2019 21:47:12
Всё просто супер. Покупаю не первый раз
04.05.2019 23:29:07
Берите всё работает
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Все работает, продавцу спасибо.
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Все работает!
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Хороший продавец.
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Все пришло моментально! Брал для лута в танках! Продавца рекомендую!