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Release date: 11/14/2018
Publisher: Bethesda Game Studios
Languages: English
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia.

Description of the game Fallout 76:

Bethesda Game Studios is a multiplayer game Fallout 76, the background to all games in the series. All the survivors here are players, just like you.

It is the day of rebirth. In the yard - 2102 year. You and the other residents of the Refuge are returning to America, as it became twenty-five years after the nuclear bombardment. Play alone or as a team, explore the world, complete quests and build settlements to conquer dangerous wastelands.

Features of the game Fallout 76:

* Adventure Time
A huge open world can now be explored in a team. Create a character using the system S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and go on a journey through uncharted wild wastelands, where hundreds of locations are waiting for you. It doesn´t matter if you are traveling alone or with friends - your story in the world of Fallout will be unique.
* Mountain splendor
In every corner of the game world there is something to do and what to profit. The six regions of West Virginia, from the forests of Appalachia to the foul-smelling crimson swamps of the Cranberry Bog, come to life thanks to the latest graphics, lighting system and landscape drawing technology. Post-nuclear America is more beautiful than ever!
* New American Dream
The latest constructive aggregate mobile platform (C.A.M.P.) allows you to build houses and create objects anywhere in the world. C.A.M.P. helps you build a vital shelter, make supplies and organize protection. You can even open a shop and trade with other survivors. But be careful: not all residents are so peaceful.
* Atomic strength
Alone or with friends, seize control of the most powerful weapon in the game - nuclear missiles. After all, at the site of their explosion, among other things, a high-level area will appear with a bunch of valuable and rare resources. Are you for a peaceful atom or for an atom against the world? Decide for yourself.

Key activation:

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25.05.2019 14:57:26
Всё прекрасно! Спасибо большое!
25.05.2019 9:34:22
Все сработало
14.05.2019 23:38:51
Товар активируется без проблем, спасибо!
07.05.2019 0:38:46
Всё отлично!
05.05.2019 3:51:40
Купил ключ не для своего региона. Продавец согласился на возврат.
30.04.2019 21:24:02
Got key as soon as I pay. Thanks!
16.03.2019 18:45:05
Купил,помогли с активацией,рекомендую!
28.02.2019 21:42:32
Оплата успешна, активация успешна, а более ничего и не требуется ;)
28.02.2019 18:04:10
Активировал, все отлично, спасибо
27.02.2019 13:45:50
Все работает отлично.
26.02.2019 8:38:33
Germany needs to be activated
25.02.2019 19:43:16
Thank you , cheap price for a full game ^_^
25.02.2019 19:12:46
Быстро пришло, ключ работает.
15.02.2019 12:25:36
12.02.2019 15:00:54
Всё замечательно
05.02.2019 16:15:42
Все отлично, ключ получил моментально после покупки. Активировал через ВПН.
05.02.2019 16:07:56
Продавец хороший,быстро вернул деньги за товар.Рекомендую!
02.02.2019 18:09:08
Всё отлично! Спасибо!
01.02.2019 19:49:32
Все хорошо. Активировал через впн
31.01.2019 12:06:54
Perfect. I´m an IDIOT

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