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After payment you are guaranteed to get a working steam account with the game PLAYERUNKNOWN´S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG). You will be the first owner of this account, no fake hours, no refunds and no problems, as the accounts are new.

- After payment for the goods you will receive a login and password from the steam account with the game.
- Before the sale, all accounts are checked. We do not have incorrect data.
- All accounts are new, you will be the first owner.
- No fake hours.
- The phone is not tied. All the data can be changed to their own.
After logging into your account, do not forget to do the following in order:
1. Go to steam and log in. In the upper right corner click on "Login" - "About account"
2. In the section "Contact information" we add your phone and confirm it. If, when linking the phone, it asks for confirmation of the mail, contact the seller for help.
3. In the same section, click on "Change e-mail address", the code for the change will be transferred to your phone specified in item 2.
4. After attaching the phone and changing the mail, we move on to changing the password. To do this, in the "Account protection" section, click "Change password" and follow the instructions.
5. After these actions, you will receive at your full disposal an account that will remain with you forever.
If you have any difficulties, you can always contact the seller.
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