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Code for new account and domain.
INDIVIDUAL DISCOUNTS FROM VOLUME! I provide assistance in transferring an advertising campaign and passing
Moderation. Write to contacts for consultation Contacts -
Cumulative discount up to 50%
100% Valid. Warranty. Cashback per review 10%.
The ID code is valid until 03/31/2020
The promo code comes only for a new account and domain.

After purchase, you get a unique id by which you get a promo code for your new account and new domain with a nominal value of 10,000 rubles, without the risk of zeroing.


To get a promo code:
1. Register in Yandex.Direct.
2. After that go to the link
(open the link from a computer - full version, not mobile)
and fill out a small form. In the "Unique ID" field, enter the identifier you received from us. In the other fields, fill in all data unique. If your phone was asked for a promotional code, the issuance will be refused. You can specify any left phone number - there were no SMS and call checks at the moment, but Yandex can change everything at any time and add checks - there is no guarantee with this.
3. After verification by Yandex, you will receive an email containing your promotional code and its expiration date. (more often comes within a day, but the official term for Yandex to respond is up to 7 business days). If you need it urgently, you can write to the contacts in your profile and purchase the already received promotional code.

The promo code comes only for a new account and domain.
If you were refused a promo because your account is old, the domain was advertised or the number in the application is not unique, there is NO money back.
Each ID is unique and linked to one promotional code. You cannot receive more than once.
If you want to know about the maximum discounts and sales, as well as my observations and the situation on coupons at the moment, write to Contacts in a personal message, how you can be contacted -
I provide assistance in transferring an advertising campaign and passing through Moderation.

Important nuances: After choosing a payment method, do not change it - keep the same payment method - if you choose one payment method, but pay with another - the promo code will not be automatically credited. Delete all unnecessary ACs from your account in drafts and archive - there must be strictly one domain per account, you cannot change the domain after replenishment - a bonus will be charged for this. A redirect is also impossible - there will be zeroes.

Under the guarantee, I carry out a quick replacement of the promotional code Refunds if you suddenly change your mind about using the promo code is not provided.
11.02.2021 19:10:20
26.01.2021 10:43:17
Промокод прошел, все четко
28.11.2019 16:56:11
Отлично. Сработало моментально!
25.10.2019 18:33:25
Товар рабочий. Все отлично.
23.10.2019 12:35:31
Все работает, спасибо!
13.10.2019 9:18:40
Все отлично. Правда лучше уточнять у продавца перед покупкой подойдет ли промокод. Так как возможно вы уже использовали его когда-то.
10.10.2019 14:02:38
Все ок
06.08.2019 17:47:25
Все зачислилось мгновенно. Респект.
24.07.2019 12:12:29
Спасибо, всё в порядке.
12.07.2019 15:08:35
Все прошло успешно. Бабки упали на счет как и обещано! )
02.07.2019 9:58:25
Купон сработал в аккаунте, где не использовались промокоды. В другом не сработал (где уже использовал промокод).
21.06.2019 14:53:11
Все получилось! А еще раз получится, если еще купить?
19.06.2019 18:24:47
сработало )) кто-нибудь отпишитесь - а второй раз работает??
19.06.2019 9:05:14
Супер! Купон сработал!
06.04.2019 18:44:58
отлично! спасибо)

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