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You buy the official key for the game "PUBG Survivor Pass 3 DLC".


Language: Russian, English, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai
Activation: Steam
Region of activation: Region Free


It´s time to add a bit of style to the battlefields, with the help of "Survivor´s Ticket: Wild Card!" You will look great regardless of whether you are dressed in a nice and fashionable modern outfit, if you are wearing a needle or cocktail dress straight spy movie - you only need to raise the level of your ticket!

Over 200 missions
Unlock skins for weapons with the help of new missions, challenges!
Survivor´s Ticket missions are specifically designed to help you develop your skills, and the survivor´s experience gained for them will allow you to unlock new rewards. With new missions for beginners and improved daily and weekly missions, earning experience and rewards has become even easier! In addition, you can get unique skins for weapons by completing special tasks for these weapons!

NEW LEVEL: reward for every level earned!
With the "Survivor Ticket: Wild Card" you will receive new rewards with each level. You will have 10 weeks to complete all the missions, but players who want to save time can purchase upgrade packages at 5, 20 or 30 levels in a game store.

OPEN REWARDS: more than 60 new items!
Dress for killing with more than 60 new items you can earn by raising your “Survivor Ticket” level! Become a clever spy with a tuxedo outfit and cocktail dress, show off your wild side with the Snow Leopard - M249 skin, and don´t forget to open 20 unique weapon skins in new challenge missions for weapons!

How do I get the “Survivor’s Ticket Wild Card” premium?
"Survivor´s Ticket: Wild Card" can be purchased for 599 rubles through Steam or a game store.

If I don’t buy a Survivor’s Ticket, can I participate in this event?
All players can increase their level and receive rewards, but the owners of the “Premium Ticket of the Survivor” will get access to additional missions and rewards.

How many missions are available in the Survivor’s Ticket: Wild Card?
“Survivor’s Ticket: Wild Card” offers over 200 missions that can be completed in 10 weeks. You are waiting for daily, weekly and bonus assignments, as well as missions for beginners, and mission-challenges, focused on your ability to handle certain weapons.

When are the weekly missions updated?
After the “Survivor’s Ticket: Wild Card” starts on March 27, weekly missions will be updated every Wednesday at 05:00 Moscow time. Each weekly task will be active only for 7 days after the appearance.

What if I buy a "Survivor Premium Ticket" later?
You will immediately receive all premium rewards for all previous levels and will have to earn the rest of the rewards by the end of the event. If you do not have enough time to get all the rewards, you can purchase level-up packages.
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Быстро и просто. Спасибо.
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Быстро и просто. Спасибо.

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