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 🔴Sending occurs automatically, around the clock 24/7. After payment you will receive a link where you can activate the product to your account!
🔴The product is sent as a gift through add-ons to friends.
🔴Goods cannot be taken into inventory, only installed in the steam library </ delivery>

 If you make a mistake with the region, the game slows down, does not start, did not like it - the refund is not carried out.
  If steam provided a discount on the game, then you need to activate our link before the end of the discount.
  Otherwise, to receive the game, you will have to pay an additional cost for the item.

  A detailed description of the product and system requirements can be found on Steam at the link below:

You always thought you could do better, right?
Sign players better. Play differently. Take these three points.
Now you have the opportunity to make your football dreams come true ...

Forward! Sign the contract and take the reins of the club.
Get tasks from management and start working with players.
Whose time in the club is over, and who is ready to debut in the first team?
Your breeders know who is able to strengthen the composition and whether you can afford it.

Start training, roll up your sleeves. To realize your vision, you need to work.
Coaching staff will help if you allow them. Some coaches do everything alone ...
In the press, your tactics are called ambitious - they are probably right.
Yes, it would be quite possible to play 4-2-3-1, but after all, everyone plays like this ...

And now the stadium is packed, the fans are impatient. It is the day of the game.
Leave the chosen tactics or will you make changes right from the edge of the field? Your choice, your path.
You are the only creator of the fate of your team. And your path is unique.
Players can get fame, but their fame is your🔴 ACTIVATION TOOL:
1. You must follow the link received after purchase
2. Insert a link to the profile of the account for which you want to get the game on our service and click "READY"
3. Within 3 minutes, our bot will send a friend request to your account
4. Accept friend request
5. After you add our bot to friends, a gift will be sent within 3-7 minutes
6. Take a gift to the library </ delivery>
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