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Sleeping Dogs ™ Definitive Edition for the new generation is a revised and updated edition of the famous open world adventure action movie, which received many awards along with the recognition of critics. The game already includes all 24 previously released additions, including the episode “The Year of the Snake”, which expands the storyline, as well as the fear-raising “Nightmare at Nord Point”. A lot of technological, visual and sound improvements await you - Hong Kong has never seemed so alive as in Sleeping Dogs ™ Definitive Edition. The bright, neon-colored city embodies the turbulent flow of life by its very appearance, but behind its exotic sights, lively streets and markets lurks alone of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world - the local mafia, consisting of the infamous triads.

You have to play for Wei Shen - a well-trained undercover cop who is trying to eliminate the triads from the inside. Prove to the mafia bosses what you are standing by punching your way to the heights of the triads and participating in their criminal activities, but in no case do not impersonate. Eliminate opponents in brutal melee fights using a unique system of martial arts. Conquer the busy streets of Hong Kong by participating in the illegal street races that stir the blood, or blow them to pieces in explosive shootouts.

In Sleeping Dogs, Hong Kong becomes an unrivaled playground. When you are under cover, the rules change.

Key Features:
Hong Kong feels more alive than ever thanks to all the 24 previously released additions, as well as many visual improvements.
Uncompromising, sustained drama about a police officer under cover. Any wrong decision can lead to your failure.
Explosive thriller, which harmoniously combines deadly martial arts, dynamic skirmishes and brutal massacres.
Incredible races at huge speeds: conquer city streets and cut the waves of the sea, using a variety of exotic cars, sports bikes and speed boats.
Hong Kong will be for you an unbeatable playground: take part in illegal street races, bet on cockfights or have fun with karaoke. In different districts of Hong Kong, you will find countless ways to have fun.
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