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A cult shooter with loot mountains and an overwhelming number of guns returns. You - one of the four new Warehouse seekers - are waiting for hurricane battles in uncharted worlds, new enemies, new bosses, new abilities, as well as an insane amount of weapons. Play alone or with friends, fight against crazy enemies, collect trophies, visit new planets and save your home from the leaders of a new bloodthirsty sect.

✔ Total Chaos - Stop the Calypso twins, do not let them unite bandit clans and gain dominance over the entire galaxy.
✔ Unique Characters - Become one of four Warehouse seekers, each with their own skill tree and unique abilities.
✔ Enemies and Loot - you are waiting for a sea of ​​enemies and mountains of trunks! Each battle promises a new outfit!
✔ New Worlds - Go beyond Pandora and discover new worlds with unique opponents and weapons.
✔ Joint Game - You can at any time join a team on the network, and neither the level of the character nor the degree of passing the game is important.
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