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You buy the official key for the game " The Sims 4 in Origin.".

The security of your purchase is guaranteed by Belconsole - the first INTERNATIONAL company (and not a private individual) on, and personally, the founder of the company - Vladimir Bychinov.

We are an international family company, with more than 10 years of experience, and are the official dealers of all the largest distributors in the CIS.
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Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Activation: EA-Origin
Language: Russian, English
Age rating: 18+
Release date: September 4, 2014
Region: Region Free


The continuation of the cult simulator of life, which has gained immense popularity all over the world due to the unique gameplay and regular release of various additions that invariably delight admirers with interesting innovations and expand the boundaries of the virtual universe of The Sims.

The Sims 4 - is even more than before, the possibilities for creating absolutely unique characters - bright, emotional and "live" more than ever thanks to modern visualization technologies and great sound design.

In The Sims 4, every action performed by a player in relation to his virtual ward can lead to different, sometimes unexpected consequences, the development of events largely depends on the emotional state of the character, which makes the game even more fun.

The tools for creating characters and various objects in The Sims 4 have become even more convenient and easy to use and at the same time maximally functional.


• Your wards move and act even more naturally than before! Now they are able to do several things at the same time, and their mood is easy to guess by facial expressions, gestures and even gait. Give your character a unique character traits, control his desires, find out what he dreams about, exploring his thoughts and memories.
• For the first time the characters have their own emotions! 15 different emotional states, depending on other characters, actions, events, memories and even how they are dressed at one time or another. The gameplay and the stories of your players depend on the choice you made, which can cause them a storm of emotions ... and not the fact that they are positive.
• The character creation editor and construction mode in The Sims 4 is more convenient than in the previous games of the series, besides they provide much more opportunities. Now you can create the hero exactly as you want, and build the house of your dreams without too much effort.
• The game offers a large selection of conditions for life. Decide for yourself where and how to live your charges.
• Complete quests, look for collectables, gain achievements, and access new game materials, including clothing and character traits for characters.
• Achieve fame in the community of The Sims 4 fans by publishing your most successful creations, download materials created by other players.

********************************************************attentionKey Activation:
1. You must download and install Origin (if not already installed)
2. Register a new account on Origin or go to an existing one.
3. Go to "Origin" and select "Redeem Product Code" and enter the key received immediately after payment.
4. After activation, the game appears in the list of games and you can download it from ste
• You buy goods in the official digital division of belconsole. We are an international, family company with high values. We have 2 physical stores and an office.
• Belconsole on the market for more than 9 years.
• More than 55,000 sales, more than 8,300 positive reviews only on the independent platform, not one unresolved issue for 6 years.
• The official level of webmoney Business Level is more than 800.
• Belconsole is the official dealer of all major distributors in the CIS.
• After the purchase, if you are satisfied, please write the feedback below under the product, it is very important for us.
• If you have difficulties with activation, please write below under the product in the correspondence, our technical support will help you.
• Technical problems with the keys can not be solved over the phone, thanks for your understanding.
26.02.2021 10:43:05
Спасибо, все, как всегда, превосходно!
11.02.2021 18:26:16
18.01.2021 12:58:23
Всё ок. Мгновенно и чётко. Код прошёл. WANT A GIFT
17.01.2021 7:54:11
17.01.2021 0:32:56
+Great seller
27.12.2020 13:49:42
11.12.2020 12:48:50
24.10.2020 22:54:30
все подошло
07.09.2020 23:42:16
Всё пришло быстро. Рекомендую!
28.08.2020 2:14:59
28.07.2020 7:42:49
I recommend, everything ok Polecam sprzedawce wszystko przebieglo pomyslnie
28.07.2020 7:41:36
I recommend, everything ok Polecam sprzedawce wszystko przebieglo pomyslnie
28.07.2020 7:41:31
I recommend, everything ok Polecam sprzedawce wszystko przebieglo pomyslnie
28.07.2020 7:41:26
I recommend, everything ok Polecam sprzedawce wszystko przebieglo pomyslnie
28.07.2020 7:38:17
I recommend, everything ok Polecam sprzedawce wszystko przebieglo pomyslnie
28.07.2020 7:38:05
I recommend, everything ok Polecam sprzedawce wszystko przebieglo pomyslnie
25.03.2020 23:41:57
Thank you, everything is fine, working perfect :)
16.02.2020 19:20:58
27.12.2019 12:12:44
16.12.2019 19:00:13
Всё супер, сразу получил код и успешно активизировал его в Origin

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