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Paperwork course contains training materials on themes:

Types of regulatory legal acts issued by the state

All of the seals and stamps

Design Document - Europe and the US

Legislative acts regulating relations in the sphere of e-mail

Issue order by operating activities

Changes to GOST R 6.30-97 in 2000

Instructions for general office management

Use promotional text to achieve


International standards for documentation

Names and Codes document forms USORD (for klassif-py)

Writing of individual names, words and phrases

Standards of ethics and protocol

On the methods of analysis of documents

Some design features of OSA

On some approaches to the compilation of texts

On peculiarities of style ofitsialnodelovogo documents

Sample documents GOST R6.30-97

The organization of movement of documents

Organization of a confidential document

Preparation and delivery of documents

The first standard for seals. Protection and identification stamps

The documents included in OKUD

The list of regulations, document

Letters - postcards

Preparation of legal documents

Regulation on service of Dow

Rules for the preparation of normative legal acts

Legal basis for the preparation and registration of documents

Examination of the value of documents in proceedings

Check availability of confidential documents


Mode of storage of confidential documents


Dictionary of Foreign Words

Dictionary standard terms and definitions

Glossary of key terms and definitions

Preparation and execution of the provisions of

Drawing nomenclature sensitive cases


The structure, content, scope of the standard

Unification of certain types of text documents

Accounting documents konfidentsiapnyh

Formation and registration of sensitive cases

The presentation of the text of standardized documents

Good tone in the correspondence

Etiquette business letter

Legal terms for official documents

The language and style of official documents
Product introduce to a packed to the archive documents in Word format
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