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Between you and the Internet is always a bunch of outsiders who "just in case" will track your traffic, sites that you visit, the passwords that you enter credit card numbers and bank accounts.

This is especially frustrating when this nation is more than just agency to combat terrorism, and sometimes crooks and fraudsters.

The only way to protect themselves from these "evils" - is to encrypt traffic and "throw" it away as soon as possible - well, for example in Asia, where English, and no one knows, not that in Russian.

And here in such a remote gateway can be calmer surf the Internet as from your computer to the VPN server in Asia will not go-RASKODIRUEMY NOISE set of characters and numbers only.

Unlike other VPN connections, PPTP uses a more robust algorithm, which provides a higher reliability of the encryption. The only request - this service - for serious people who are critical of their confidentiality; all those who just want to climb the "gray" recommend the use of the Internet "anonymous" (in quotation marks) proxy - even US intelligence agencies potoshnit bit ;-)

Server for the VPN connection - Dell PowerEdge, OS - FreeBSD, traffic encryption occurs directly in memory, so that the logs can not, in principle.
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