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50 recipes for kebabs
This collection includes 50 recipes for kebabs of different national cuisines.

Methods of cooking kebabs are with special applications such as

devices and improvised means and can be implemented in

hiking, and rest in the country, and even in the city

apartment. It contains recipes from simple to quite sophisticated

dishes that can satisfy the needs of any person. Recipes kebabs in

the book is given in the following order: lamb, beef,

pork, goat meat, wild game meat, offal, poultry and fish in pieces

alphabetical order.

Here are some recipes:


2.Po Azerbaijani



5.Po Balkarian


7.Bolgarsky with zucchini


9.After Georgian

20.Po-legged with eggplant

27.Po Lithuanian

32.Po Moldovan

33.Iz ribs kid

36.Iz venison

37.Iz lamb liver

41.Iz Pig kidney

44.Iz duck

45.Iz chicken ventricles

49.Iz walleye

50.Iz pike

Bon appetit and good luck!

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