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This work represents the Commentaries on the Law of the Russian Federation of November 27, 1992 № 4015-1 "On organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation", which regulates a wide range of insurance relations and relations in the organization of insurance business, including the supervision of insurance activities. Along with the legal provisions comment analyzes the key provisions of the Civil Code regulating the insurance contract as well as a significant number of regulations of the insurance legislation.

Commentary is designed for practicing lawyers, judges, professors, graduate and law students, as well as for all interested in the problems of civil law.

Regulatory material is presented as of April 1, 2006


Sokol Pavel, Deputy Head of Legal Department, Head of the systematization and analysis of the legislation unit of the Samara Regional Duma, assistant professor of civil and business law, Samara State University, PhD, an expert in civil law, the legal regulation of investment and insurance relationships.
Falcon PV 2006, rtf-format.

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