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In the table of contents of each section of the manual you will find the complete list of questions relating to the subject of a specific section.

Care of the exterior and interior

Location of control car

Safety Driver

Recommendations for the care of body

Fuel used.

Equipment for the carriage of baggage.

Important information on the rules of use of seat belts and care


General information about the additional security system of the driver and passengers.


Starting the engine. Transmission control. Parking. Recommendations for towing a trailer.

Useful advice and instructions on how to proceed in typical situations in the event of faults in the way.


Controls, instrument panel, interior equipment.

Technical information for the periodic test

Rules of maintenance of the vehicle. The list and the instructions for the car and the individual nodes

Arrow signs, lights and alarms.

Controls car and its systems.

Vehicle identification number and units, dimensions and weight of the car, fuel tank, engine specifications and other units.

Use of upravvaniya.

Climate control. Audio.

Security system

Ventilation and heating of the cabin, the system

ma air conditioning salo-

no. Audio. Protection of the car

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