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Technical characteristics of the car "Moskvich"

Controls and instrumentation

The adaptation of the front seat device beds

The device in the back of the rear seat of the "universal" to increase the volume of the load compartment

Using the heater body and windshield heater

Features driving

Cold start

Start warm or hot engine

Maintaining a normal thermal mode

Management of the new car during the break-in

Maintenance Vehicle

Activities carried out before departure

Maintenance of the car during the break-in

The types and frequency of maintenance of the vehicle during operation

Nomenclature maintenance

The first maintenance (TO-1)

The second maintenance (TO-2)

Seasonal maintenance (CO)

Guidelines for the implementation of maintenance work

Total Car Care


Power transmission


Management arrangements

Electric equipment


Preservation car

Car preparation for preservation

Car Maintenance at Conservation

Preparation of the car for use after conservation

Guarantee of the plant and the procedure for making complaints

EXAMPLE l o w n e. Tools and accessories

attached to the car

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