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The Monte Carlo method can be defined as a method of modeling of random variables to calculate the characteristics of their distributions.

The emergence of the idea of \u200b\u200busing the random effects in the approximate calculations can be carried to 1878, when there was work on the definition of the Hall? using random throws of the needle on parallel lines razgraflёnnuyu paper. Merits is to experimentally reproduce the event, the probability of which is expressed in terms of the number? And approximate estimate this probability. Domestic work in Monte Carlo came in the years 1955-1956. Since that time, he has accumulated an extensive bibliography on the Monte Carlo method. Even a cursory review of the names of the works leads to the conclusion about the applicability of the Monte Carlo method for solving applied problems of a large number of areas of science and technology.

The contents of the archive:

- Source code in delphi project;

- Compiled executable (exe);

- Source code vvide application doc file;

- The raw data of the problem.
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