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Software implementation of the decision of problems of resource allocation, the discipline of mathematical methods, using a programming language - delphi 7.

Short description:

The issue of resource allocation is a key in the process of production management. The organizational system - a system which includes equipment and groups of people whose interests are essentially related to its functioning. Examples here are the various factors such as a company, family, city, country, and many others like it. Each orgsistema consists of elements which in turn may also be a system.

Penetration of mathematics in economics involves overcoming significant difficulties. This was partly to blame for mathematics, has been developing for many centuries, mainly due to the needs of physics and technology. But the main reasons are still in the nature of economic processes and the specifics of economic science.

The potential of mathematical modeling of any economic objects and processes does not mean, of course, its successful feasibility of a given level of economic and mathematical knowledge with specific information in computer technology. Although you can not specify the absolute boundaries of mathematical formalizability economic problems, there will always be more formalized problems and situations where mathematical modeling is not enough effective.

Competitive mechanism is applied in cases where it is appropriate "cut" applications, as consumers need a resource for the implementation of any projects that fewer resources will not suffice. In these circumstances, the Center carries out a call for proposals. Those who win the contest, fully obtain the desired resource, and the losers get nothing. The system consists of the Centre and a number of similar elements, so-called two-tier model.

Download the demo version:

The contents of the archive:

- Source code in delphi project;

- Compiled executable (exe);

As a bonus feature

- Explanatory note as a template for writing the work.

- A flow chart on the sheet A1, performed in CorelDraw

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