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Transportation problem is solved by using the method: "The method of the minimum element."

Software implementation of the solution of transport problems of optimization plan for transportation, using a programming language - delphi.

SUMMARY tasks:

In addition to the economy, the balance of costs, output, demand, supply, and the like, it is often necessary to select one of the options of the economic system. Economically justified in such circumstances, to put the question of choosing the best option, which is defined as a criterion - purpose. In quantitative terms, the criterion is the functional dependence of the variables, we will henceforth call it the objective function. The best option in this case corresponds to the highest (extreme, optimum or lowest) value of the function.

Distribution problems associated with the allocation of resources for the work to be performed. The objectives of this class arise when available resources are not sufficient to perform each operation the most efficient manner. Therefore, the aim of solving the problem is to find such a resource allocation of work in which either minimizes the overall costs associated with work or maximized resulting from total revenue.

Download the demo version of the program here:

The task for the following (you can also use other data solutions, as the program is universal in the described method):

Plant some automotive companies located in cities A, B and C. The main distribution centers of production are concentrated in urban areas D and E. The volume of production of these three plants is 1,000, 1,300 and 1,200 cars on a quarterly basis. The values \u200b\u200bof the quarterly demand distribution centers account for 2,300 and 1,400 vehicles, respectively.

Project Code: 35
The contents of the archive:

- Source code in the project delphi 7;

- Compiled executable (exe);

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