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The complete collection of unique documents describing all the stages of work on the most popular online electronic exchange Forex!

A detailed account of how the foundations, and the tops of invisible work proffessionalnykh traders. Such items as the "Forex for Dummies" clearly explained to anyone, even absolutely no idea of \u200b\u200bthe exchange, a person how to make money from absolutely nothing and earn $ 1000-2500 per month! And articles on Forex for existing traders will be very helpful, because they describe all methods to achieve success and entry into the internal, no known associations of traders.

In general, you decide - to become a professional trader and start a "have" or regret 0,5 WMZ and Otavalo in the dark for a long time ... More

Lesnevsky. Object oriented with programming for beginners -

Pascal and Delphi Tutorial -
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