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In the book of fairy tales includes Armenian, African, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Dagestan, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mexican, Moldovan, Nanai, Nepalese, Nenets, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Tatar, Ukrainian, Filipino, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and Yakut folk tales ...

Copyright tale: Abramtseva N., Anderson GH, the Brothers Grimm, Evtyukova K., J. Kipnis, Octave punk Iasi, J. Kipnis, SY Marshak, Charles Perot, AS Pushkin, Tolstoy H . and Theano ...

Novels and Stories Nosov N.

Bonus - the collection of children's songs in format MP3 ... Size of the archive RAR - 96 MB (download from my website).
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