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Mathematical Programming: The transportation problem. Method northwest corner.


Description of the method northwest corner:

The method is as follows. Watched matrix tariffs transport C, starting from the upper left corner (cell). In this cell is recorded value D = MIN (A, B). It is deducted from the stocks and the needs of the relevant warehouse and store. Zero the row or column are excluded from consideration, then the process is repeated again for the remainder of the top left cell of the matrix and so on until the entire stock of goods is reached.

SUMMARY tasks:

In addition to the economy, the balance of costs, output, demand, supply, and the like, it is often necessary to select one of the options of the economic system. Economically justified in such circumstances, to put the question of choosing the best option, which is defined as a criterion - purpose. In quantitative terms, the criterion is the functional dependence of the variables, we will henceforth call it the objective function. The best option in this case corresponds to the highest (extreme, optimum or lowest) value of the function.

The economic problems of this type generally has a bounded domain variables and, hence, the optimum value of the objective function must be found on a limited set. Area of \u200b\u200bresearch is to find algorithms for solving such problems, it forms a line, called mathematical programming.

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