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Traffic rules for life

Known domestic driver and part-host of "Crew" Alex Mochanov goes quickly, but in life prefer not to hurry: the questions MN Alex replied slowly, over two hours. First, we wanted to release this interview is a separate application, but decided to save your time and wrote only about the most important.

Vobla: DIY

It is in vain, we have moved from our native salmon pike on overseas! It is, of course, no bones, but there is a deep and romantic spirit. In short, if the need for phosphorus - this note for you: the most simple and successful recipes and know-how from noble fishermen.

Relieves pain for one training

As it is almost impossible to believe, but Dmitry Smirnov, a week immersed in the antique and latest fitness techniques, invented a remedy for pain in various parts of the body. Naturally, it was training. But what! Absolutely incredible, lightweight, non-iron and Smith machine. Lower back aches? Itching at the knees? Fires in the neck? Carefully read the recipe.

What do you have allergies?

43 combat sex reception

Three male characters

If I say "NO", I would be terribly ashamed. But if I agree, I will complete freak, idiot and imbecile in his own eyes. Alas, I say "yes." Why is that? What?

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