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The book deals with the practical methods of manual artistic metalworking technique of hot enamel, coinage and artistic forging. Describes tools and accessories for these works, as well as methods of making tools. Different types of enamel and embossed forging works, characterized by its technology and give a different artistic effect. The material contains a large number of drawings and photographs. Volume: 86 pages. Size of archive: 965 kb.




Chapter One Enamel

§ 1. Making enamel weight

§ 2 Metals enamelling and tools

Tools and Accessories

§ 3. Technology enamelling

Preparation of products under the enamel

Imposition of enamel

Firing of enamel

Finishing Products

§ 4. Classification of enamels

Notched enamel

Cloisonne Enamel

The solid enamel

§ 5. Technology enamel painting

Preparatory work

Actually painting


§ 6. Enamelling ferrous metals

Enamel on aluminum

§ 7. A brief history of Russian art enamel

Chapter Two Art chasing

§ 1. Materials chased work

§ 2 Tools and Accessories

§ 3. Technology coinage

§ 4. Types of beaten work

§ 5. Stamping Casting .............

Chapter Three. . . Metal Art

§ 1. Materials for Free hand-forged

§ 2 Heating devices

§ 3. Tools

§ 4. Forging Technology

§ 5. Methods of assembly of forged products

Forging connecting elements and decorations


Gornova welding

Soldering brass

§ 6. The heat treatment (quenching and tempering)

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