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How to sharpen household tools, abrasives, which are, in the case of the need to make them yourself. The material contains a large number of drawings, diagrams. Volume: 35 pages. Size of archive: 245 kb.


Abrasive tool

Main characteristics of the abrasive tool

Grinding wheels

Dimensions of grinding wheels

Unbalance community

Quality of grinding wheels

Requirements for the quality of grinding wheels in accordance with GOST 2424-83

Marking of grinding wheels

Homemade wheels


Sharpening hand, sharpening

Sharpening foot floor

Sharpening desktop Power

Grindstone universal desktop IE-9707

Sharpening Power

Mounting of grinding wheels for sharpening spindles

Terms of sharpening for the winepress

Grinding stones

Operation bars


Technology of production of coated abrasives

The practice of using grinding skins

Machine shkurovalnaya air MSHP - 401

Sharpening tools for Abrasive
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