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The objective benefits - to help all those wishing to learn wood carving, master the basic techniques of this popular hobby. Proposed therein artefacts are selected so that their manufacture is available to everyone and do not require complex tools or special timber. And some of them afford to make even the children.

The material contains a large number of drawings, diagrams and photos. Volume: 35 pages. Size of archive: 360 kb.



Carving tools

Craft knife

Straight chisels

The semi-circular chisels

Semicircular chisels

Sharpening semicircular chisels and cutters

Properties of wood

Drying, gluing and finishing of wood

Wood decorations

Some tips on making a pendant.

Team frame carved details

Carved table cut from a tree trunk

Carved rack from a table saw cut trunk of a pine

Pendants and suspension of decorative wood Spili bitch

Bracelet plates oblique saw cut the knot cherry.


The prefix for turning to an electric rings.

Flat carved ring in the chain

Rings made of wood manually

Star-shaped crystal (dodecahedron) and star-shaped balloon,

Pendant "Cube" made of polished wood with brass plates otchekannymi

Decorative plates

Template for profile alignment recess plate

Simplified embodiment of the bottom plate.

Decorative plates.

Implementation of parts of the annular edge and their installation.

Processing rear side plate.

Technique Marquetry for decoration bottom plate

Working with wood

Choosing wood


Ornamental material

Drilling holes

Bonding details

Joinery connection details

Connection details from chipboard

Surface preparation for a transparent finish

Imitation of precious wood


Finish textured paper

Polishing wood



Epoxy resin (adhesive)

Paint Finish

Removal of old oil paint

Removing the old clear coats.

DID YOU KNOW? (Good advice)

The pattern on the caskets

IMITATION expensive breeds

1. Imitation oak tree.

2. Simulation of American walnut.

3. imitation mahogany.

4. Simulated rosewood.

5. Imitation of rosewood.

6. Imitation of ebony.

7. Imitation maple gray.


1. Bronzirovka tree.

2. Liquid Bronze




TREE PROTECTION from rotting
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