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Practitioners inquiries and investigations, prosecutors and judges, students, graduate students and young scientists.

Electronic Benefit (EB) "Criminal Law of the Russian Federation" prepared by a team of highly qualified lawyers Fund to counter organized crime and corruption "Anti-Mafia".

The EP "Criminal Law of the Russian Federation" brought together and linked interactively:

- Criminal Code as amended on 07.03.2011 r .;

- Scientific commentary to articles of the Criminal Code,

- Litigation - materials Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court, review and determination of the Judicial Board for Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court in specific cases;

- Textbook material - 25 polnoobёmnyh sources (monographs, scientific and practical manuals, tutorials, articles, recommendations) some texts related to specific articles of the Criminal Code;

- Glossary of terms;

- User's Guide.

Advantages of electronic aids:

- The speed and ease of access to content;

- The ability to find the necessary information by keywords;

- The possibility of a transition from the article of the Criminal Code to the commentary, jurisprudence, anthologies, dictionaries, using the built-in forward and reverse links.

- Printing of any section of the manual;

- A significant reduction in the cost of acquisition (ENPP "Criminal Law of the Russian Federation" at least six times cheaper than book form the same textbooks, comments, codes and other materials, which served as the basis for its creation).

Thoroughness, the completeness and adequacy of the relative consideration of the major issues of general and specific parts of the criminal law, competent and methodologically correct presentation of the material, as well as a comprehensive look at the presentation of the material and its compact packaging makes EP "Criminal Law of the Russian Federation" product innovation in today's information security professionals.

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