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Vector GPS map of the Ivanovo region is designed to be loaded into GPS-navigators like Garmin, Mio, to any PDA or smart phones as well as PCs and laptops.

There is the possibility of laying routes, find addresses.

On this GPS map shows all the roads and roadside service. There are settlements.

Upload friends hunters, fishermen - everyone is happy.
On the GPS map of Ivanovo region suffered all roads, interchanges, bridges, railway travel, rivers, reservoirs and lakes.

Also marked refueling, hotels, cafes, restaurants, traffic police posts, STO.

GPS map of the Ivanovo region has a wide range of possibilities:

- On the map it is possible to search for addresses or names of towns and villages. You can search for cafes, gas stations, hotels and other necessary places on the road;

- It is possible to plot a route and drive on it using voice prompts.

- On the map, you can make your notes: add new objects or automatically apply the path of travel (track) on the map.

I suggest to download this map for free from
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