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Author: Fuks

Title: HTML

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Description: HTML Tutorial
From the author:

A few years ago, when I had just climbed out of the network, I was interested only in games, then discovered chat, and then when tired of answering the same questions - decided to make a page which had the majority of those with whom I I communicated. So I discovered HTML. I saw a strange contents of downloaded pages on the screw, and gradually became a meaningless jumble of when I more or less understood. On the understanding of the essence of the idea it took me about a week, for which I am tormented with questions all the time newfound friends, who though any sense in creating pages.

Then I discovered the presence of a plurality of web sites with varying degrees of detail the lessons of HTML and related topics. .. But it turned out that 99% of these sites was not written by one author, but many, and they wrote "sketchy", ie how different are often not very intelligible styles and themes to uryvochnye. Some obvious to all "advanced" things in general almost nowhere to be found - they are transmitted only orally, because no one wanted to write about things "and so clear." One more unpleasant discovery was that everyone sees on his "detailed" explanation, and most of the "lessons" were probably only understood by the poster.

That's why I decided to sculpt a detailed, thoroughly thought-out and include all (or most; 0) I know the nuances and subtleties.

But it is too time-consuming and takes a lot of time; time that I could spend the money on making themselves. Therefore, further books will likely carry a certain amount of advertising - when there is a sponsor (ay spooonsoor? Write here!) Who wants poreklamirovat on my pages. I dare to hope it will be the most detailed lessons that ever fell into the network, free of charge. And most importantly - a lot: 0). So, go to the sobsno water treatment, that is, to the study of HTML.
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