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VISA VIRTUAL with a balance of $ 10Attention! The card supports the technology of secure payments 3D-Secure. Confirmation codes can be obtained independently online at: </ attention>
This is a virtual prepaid card designed exclusively for purchases on the Internet; The card is a complete analog of the usual plastic Visa, but only in electronic form.

When buying, you automatically receive the card details: a unique sixteen-digit card number, CVV2 code and expiration date of the card.

The procedure for making a purchase with this card on the site you need: enter the card details given to you, enter ANY name and ANY name, as well as ANY Russian address. All data is entered in English letters.

Maps have excellent cross on a huge number of sites, both Russian and foreign, working with users from Russia.

It is recommended to buy a card with a margin of a few dollars (minimum 1) in case of pre-authorization of the card by the service where you use it, possible hidden fees or other surprises.ATTENTION! Please use the card for a specific operation, the guaranteed validity of this card is no more than 1 month from the date of its purchase, regardless of the formal data specified in its details. Further claims are not accepted, be careful! </ Delivery>
attentionBank: RUS (IP-address and place of residence when payment is recommended Russian)
Self-recharge cards (card2card): NO
3D Secure Technology: YES (
Conversion to any currency: YES (consider the possible bank commission!)
Refund balance: NO
Extract and balance: YES (free, contact us)
</ attention>

We offer the best prices! Long-term reputation of a reliable seller, an individual approach to each client.

Full list of all denominations:

Thank you for using our service! :)
24.12.2018 2:15:10
my card didn´t work
18.12.2018 19:30:17
сработало ок, 3d secure немного странный
28.11.2018 12:01:41
И за смены банка в playmarket не будет работать. Потрачено если вкратце.
20.11.2018 19:24:09
все ОК
15.11.2018 12:20:03
31.10.2018 23:17:37
Спасибо. Всё отлично.
31.10.2018 15:02:10
Покупал уже не один раз. Рекомендую!
27.10.2018 1:14:23
Все хорошо
23.10.2018 1:07:10
20.10.2018 22:15:30
Спасибо, все ок, все вопросы решаются быстро.
20.10.2018 22:14:56
Все ок. При надобности продавец подключает 3DSecure без проблем.
15.10.2018 23:00:31
good seller
14.10.2018 19:39:48
все быстро и честно
10.10.2018 20:00:59
работает, использована для оплаты в Steam
07.10.2018 3:35:13
03.10.2018 22:39:24
30.09.2018 13:56:43
work fine.
16.09.2018 11:32:53
Seller is responding
06.09.2018 14:16:33
Всё супер. Спасибо
31.08.2018 18:36:59
Купил товар, все пришло, но к сожалению купил карту не по назначению и она не подошла, возврат оформили в тот же день когда и купил. Продавец отличный)

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