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The program for creating tests for Delphi is very easy to use. To start using the program, just download and unzip the program to the desired location on your computer. The program allows for the creation of tests, for example, easily create:

- Tests on psychology;

- Tests on computer;

- Tests in physics, chemistry, biology, history;

- Intelligence test scores;

- Tests on programming;

- Tests on the circuit design;

- Tests for foreign language;

- Tests and other disciplines (created in a program TestEditor.exe).

Using a program for creating tests to check residual knowledge is very convenient as it saves a lot of time, because they do not have to manually check the answers.

The program for Delphi «automated testing system" consists of several modules running (programs):

- ETest.exe - test generator is designed for testing;

- TestEditor.exe - designer of tests designed to create test items.

The program for creating tests on Delphi contains archive rar:

- Source code at delphi (ETest.exe - Generator test tasks, TestEditor.exe - editor of tests);

- Compiled executable program files (ETest.exe and TestEditor.exe);

Download a demo version of the software testing knowledge here:

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