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LAVClock - multifunctional astrological clock, greatly extending the possibilities of standard clock Windows.

Flexible and transparent system of settings allows you to easily adjust the clock to your taste, you can change the color, size, font, output information; a variety of themes (skins). Hours can be located on the desktop and in the taskbar, instead of regular hours of Windows.

With these you can see her watch its short-term astrological forecast, which is based on your date of birth and positions of the planets at the moment.

Lunar Calendar haircut will advise the best time to go to a beauty salon.

Lunar Calendar fisherman will not miss a good biting fish

Especially for summer residents built the lunar calendar for plants that will show you the suitability of each day for planting, harvesting, irrigation and many other activities.

Built-in automatic adjustment of the time to take care of the accuracy of your clock. You can choose the time servers from the list or enter your own.

Now LAVClock can itself act as a time server, with which the time synchronization feature is useful in a local network and the Internet.

Multi-Service allows you to define very flexible schedule, with a wide choice of actions performed, such as: run the program, the melody or sound, a message, a system event (shutdown, start screensaver, etc.).

Added calendar with navigation.

It is possible to see graphically the position of planets in the sky in real time because of the place where you are right now. Mouse, you can change the azimuth of the point on the horizon, so you can see the world in all parts of the world, not only in the south, as it was before. The window can be stretched to fill the screen to display a large celestial bodies.

LAVClock also shows various astronomical information about the sun and the moon: the sunrise / sunset bodies, twilight, positions in the zodiac, lunar days, the next new moon / full moon, etc.
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