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Keysp Следит за тем, что, где и когда пользователь набирал на клавиатуре и сохраняет историю в html формате.
Want to know what your employees during working hours? I wonder what the friend in your absence? Or do you just want to know what sites your kids visit?

Then this unique program designed specifically for you

It's the perfect program for home and office, if you want to know everything about how to use your computer in your absence?

Keysp program can be useful for:

System administrators. Analysis of the data will help in the elimination of possible failures.

Head of the organization. Will let you know what they do during your staff.

Parents. It will help you learn the interests of your children.

Owners of Internet cafes, clubs, etc.

Simple user sc You can quickly see when and what was done in the system.
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