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Set out many years of experience carver amateur, masters of artistic volume woodcarving, wood sculptures, works of applied art. We describe the methods of processing art products, tools and methods of preparation of the workplace at home.

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Wood - the material for artworks

1. Why use wood

2. Why are like wood and wood products

3. What is a tree

4. What can give the artist a tree

5. What is the wood

6. What are the main properties of wood

7. Does the smell of wood

8. What are the main defects of wood

9. What are the main forms of wood

10. How to choose the wood

11. How to dry wood

12. How to store wood

Artistic wood products

13. What is called the art of wood products

14. What are the properties of decorative items made of wood

15. What are the art works can be made of wood

16. What is the artistic processing of wood

17. How to start a hobby

18. How to set the direction of cutter

19. How to start an artistic woodwork

20. Do I need to copy

21. What is the subject of the image

22. How to prepare for work

23. How are born the idea and the image of a work of art

24. What is important in the art of wood products

25. What is the artistic generalization

26. What are the artistic exaggeration

27. What are the contrasts

28. How to use the texture of wood products in art

29. How to use wood stain

30. How to use texture

31. What is called artistic composition

32. What is the significance for the composition of the proportions, rhythms and plastic

33. How to develop the artistic composition of products

34. eskizirovat

Tools woodcarver

35. As the wood is cut

36. Cut to pull or push

37. The cut wood

38. The stabbing and hew wood

39. The planed wood

40. The planing surface curly

41. What are the knives to cut wood

42. What needs chisels

43. What you need special chisels

44. What special tools

45. The drilling wood

46. \u200b\u200bWhat are the needs and rasps Files

47. The sanding wood

48. The measure product

49. The mark than the blank

50. What needs locksmith tools

51. Where can I buy the tools

52. How to choose cutting tools

The simplest means of mechanization of labor and organization of the workplace

53. What kind of work can be mechanized

54. What are the mechanized means you can buy

55. What are the special machines to buy

56. What can be done for most of mechanization

57. How does the drill

58. How to make the grindstone

59. How to make a lathe for wood

60. How to prepare to launch an electric car

61. What do I need to work

62. What are the requirements for the workplace

63. How to organize the workplace

64. How to arrange a workbench

65. How to arrange a portable table

66. How to arrange a working board

67. Do I need a tool bag

Flatreliefed and volume thread

68. refers to the thread of plane

69. Where used flatreliefed thread

70. What distinguishes types of plane thread

71. What you need to know as a new

72. What is called the geometric carvings

73. What is called the contour thread

74. How to perform a contour thread

75. How to perform a thread zaovalennymi circuits

76. How do the background thread with a pillow

77. How to perform a carving with the picked up background

78. What is called a relief carving

79. Where to apply cross-cutting thread

80. Which products are performed in the technique of bulk thread

81. How to distinguish between relief, bas-relief and high relief

82. As work on the bas-relief

83. What is called a cameo

84. What are the characteristics of bulk thread

85. What is sculpture

86. As distinguished sculpture intended

87. portrayed lovers in sculptural works

88. Who is the animal painter

89. How does the sharper
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