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Since the writing of these works took 100 years, but the basics of the art of painting on wood and paintings on glass proved to be timeless. The material contains a large number of drawings.

Volume: 34 pages. Size of archive: 426 kb.



What is a painting on wood?

About Materials and tools

The choice of wood

About paints

Other accessories

Technical instructions


How to translate a copy of the wooden surface?

That's all I can say about the tracing paper and tracing.


On amendments

About varnishing



Preparation of wood and cardboard for oil painting

Training tree

A few more words about the coloring with watercolors

Drawing and Writing on wood

Imitation wood mosaic works by etching

Forgery mosaic

Background staining wood for painting it in oils

A method of producing light patterns on brown background

Painting dry brush

Etching tree in black gon

About metal decoration wooden products

Pasting inlaid with metal inserts in the wood products

Mosaic silver, its preparation and use

The application of gold leaf

Bronzing tin sulfide

Playing pictures silver

Manual on lacquering

About polishes and varnishes


Batitsirovanie wood and other materials

Etching batitsirovannogo wood and metal acids

Batitsirovanpe and etching glass

Painting on Glass

Tools and Accessories and Supplies

Tools and adaptations.


Works of colored glass - Cutting - Matting - Attaching to the easel - Drawing

Working with stained glass



Attaching to the easel

Marking and carrying lines

Employed paint - Etching - Firing - Retouching - Soldering

Employed paint




Working with stained glass. Medallions, curbs and so on.

Enamel painting on glass - Making patterned glass

Enamel painting on glass.

Patterned glass - Repetitive patterns


Drilling and shaping

A simple method of drilling holes in the glass

Mastic for glass
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