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PIN-code to get a special tariff for the purchase of domains. It is a set of numbers in this format: xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx
The action "PIN- code" / Details of the action on the site htpp: //

Now everyone has the opportunity to receive tariff "Premium" immediately after the registration of domains in the personal bar.

Consider your likely benefit the example domain RU:

to ensure that you have been assigned a rate of "Premium", you must purchase 100 RU domains at the price of 130 rubles per domain:

130h100 = 13,000 rubles

if you assigned a tariff on domains "Premium" - RU domain at the price of 110 rubles:

110x100 = 11,000 rubles

the difference is

13000-11000 = 2000 rubles

We offer you to buy PIN-code, which upon activation, the rate of "Premium" will be assigned to you automatically.

Cost PIN-code is only 300 rubles.

The total amount of savings will amount to 1,700 rubles !!

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