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Scientific Calculator program in Delphi is used to perform mathematical calculations. The program calculator can operate in several modes: binary (binary system, 0 and 1), decimal (decimal system from 0 to 9) and hexadecimal (0 to F).

The calculator provides the following basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Also, logical operations such as: OR (logical OR), AND (logical AND), XOR (logical exclusive OR).

In decimal mode, the factorial number is available, the construction of X to the power of Y, calculate the logarithm of the cosine, sine, tangent ...

In binary mode, only the numbers 0 and 1, the basic mathematical operations and logical operations (OR, AND, and others).

In hexadecimal mode are utilized additional buttons (A - F).

View the program "Programme calculator on delphi» here:
The content of the archive to the goods "scientific calculator program on Delphi»:
- Source code for delphi 7;
- Compiled executable (exe);
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