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Hot Rain

Rain and girl ... Once they connect, and born symphony of the senses. Warm jet playing with elastic hot body. Kindly and gently, boldly and courageously. Droplets trembling lips and eyelashes. What can be better than this sensual dance of water and fantasies ...! Model: Valentina

Alex Krivtsov. Petersburg photographer. Member of the Russian Union of Artists (IFA). Member of the Union of Photographers of Russia. Freelance photographer, designer, filmmaker. Winner of the title "Master" in the "Art of Photography" Festival of Contemporary Art "Master Class" (St.-Petersburg. Russia), 9 of diplomas and consolation prizes of the international competition of professional photographers IPA 2007 International Photography Awards (Los Angeles, US). Collaborates with publishers, magazines, advertising agencies, galleries of Russia, Germany, Britain, the United States, Brazil, the Netherlands, Latvia, Spain.
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