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Map for GARMIN unlocked to any device

Single Card Primorye VLADIVOSTOK + + + FIND ISLANDS - Identifies and shows your exact location within the entire Primorsky Krai ATTENTION !!!! Detailed map (Vladivosto, Artem, Nakhodka itd - house numbers, street names, gas stations, tramways, hospitals, shopping centers, cinemas, etc..), Accurate (no more than 5-10 meters) With the search streets and houses Vladivosto, Artem, Nakhodka itd, as well as search for locations of the Primorsky Territory. Map Autorouting support (automatically routes AROUND Primorsky Krai) Tips in Russian (and also voice prompts in Russian!). The names of settlements, rivers, gas stations and others.

Detailed map and weighs 16 MB
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