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The book is a hands-on tutorial web design, which is aimed at novice web designers who want to quickly and easily learn by constructing and promotion of modern sites. The author, being a professional Web-designers, in an accessible form will tell you about all the intricacies of Web-design - from creating a site map and layout preparation and ending with the presentation of the results to the customer and the receipt of remuneration for work performed. Due to this self-instruction manual, you will not only learn the basics of design and technical aspects of the creation of graphics and interactive components, but also learn how to interact with customers in a professional manner. You´ll also learn about creating a convenient navigation on the web site, the testing process and the rules of the site users to save images for web pages.


Part I. The Basics of Web-design

Chapter 1. You want to become Web-designers?

Chapter 2. From concept to realization

Part II. User-friendly interface

Chapter 3. orient site on the right audience

Chapter 4. Web-content and navigation elements

Chapter 5. The design of the Web-interface

Chapter 6. Testing your site users

Part III. Creating a Web-graphics

Chapter 7. Tips for Graphic Design

Chapter 8. Perfect design font

Chapter 9. The colors on Web-pages

Chapter 10. Creating a Web-graphics from scratch

Chapter 11. Presentation design your masterpiece

Chapter 12. Development of graphic elements

Part IV. Finalization of the Web-site

Chapter 13. A Brief HTML

Chapter 14. Page Layout

Chapter 15. Professional Web-sites

V. Part of Tens

Chapter 16: Ten tips for managing their own Web-business

Chapter 17: Ten Tips for information design and interaction design

Chapter 18: Ten difficult situations

Volume: 304 pages.

Format: .djvu

Size: 11 mb

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