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Nicholas Ring. ASD-2. Treatment of impotence, cancer, gynecological and other diseases.

In this book, the author tried to collect all the accumulated long-term practice methods of treatment of impotence, prostatitis, cancer, gynecological and STI, as well as other diseases. The main drug used by the author - ASD fraction 2. We also consider the use of complex techniques ASD-2 in conjunction with other drugs of folk and official medicine. From myself, I note that drinking ASD-2, and can be in case of complaints of unknown origin, and also at the beginning of the SARS or influenza. I myself several times saved a few drops of ASD made at night, when they begin to cough or throat got sick, and the next day was scheduled any event that it was impossible to miss. In addition to the SDA makes various kinds of feasts - a couple of drops (dose adjusted individually feels) a quarter cup of water for 3-4 hours before the feast - and in one eye even after a couple of bottles of spirits.
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