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Examples of common browser

Link of the day

This code is intended to create a link of the day. Every day of the week will be entered new URL. Easy to advertise their products or news feed.

Drop-down menu

This code is designed to create a compact menu. All references are made in the form of elements of the pull-down menu by pressing the button jumps to the corresponding page.

Responding to the time of day

This code allows to respond to the clock on the client side. You can, depending on the time of day display an appropriate greeting or offer the relevant goods.


This code shows a digital clock running. It is not clear why they are needed, but many people like.

Change window background

If you trust so much to its visitors that want to allow them to change the background color, use this code.

Definition screen resolution

You can find out the resolution of the screen and try to fine-tune your design to these sizes. Or ask to load the desired background.


Calendar for the current month with the current day. If it is to complement links, you can use the news section.

Visitors Counter

If you think that your visitors is important to know how many times they visited your page, please use this code.

Images, reacting to the mouse

Flashing table


Hours text box. Option 1.

Hours text box. Option 2.

Line appears in the text box

And even little things Coy

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