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The archive contains the program and explanatory note.

Coursework. The subject of "High-level methods of computer science and programming."

Short description:

The program provides the user the ability to define the values \u200b\u200bof matrix elements manually or by using a random number generator to enter these values \u200b\u200bin the data file for re-use, thus provided the preservation of the matrix in the file.

The elements of the matrix can be as a whole or types of material. The matrix may be: rectangular, square, large or small sizes.

The names of rows and columns can be given in general terms (1,2,3,4 ...) and can take specific values \u200b\u200bset by the user ("№", "Last Name", "Name", etc.).

The ability to record the results of the calculations in a separate file.

Parameters of calculations:

- Finding the maximum number;

- Finding the average number;

- Replacement of the maximum average;

- Find sums of elements rows;

- Find sums of elements of columns;

- Finding the total;

- Charting.
Course work from the author. Commissioned in 2004.

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