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The program is designed for budgeting mainly for repair and construction, as well as in any area where it may be necessary or costing estimates, such as assembling a computer, car repairs and the like.

Format - database mdb MS Access 2000. with the ability to modify reports and create new ones.

Key features:

- A hierarchical list of works

- Setting start and end dates of work

- The possibility of setting up a number of options costs work

- The possibility of separate viewing expenditures planned and already made

- Ability to specify settings (such as size of the premises or equipment, performance standards, or accepted value (pi, for example)), the calculation of quantitative indicators of expenditure on the basis of the set parameters

- Maintaining the directory of goods, materials, services, or list by category

- For each item, you can specify the accompanying products, such as tile - tile adhesive, tile installation, etc.

- Maintaining the directory of suppliers with their prices, details and contacts

- The possibility of organizing the catalog accompanying documents (diagrams, drawings, and any other additional project files)

Recommendations for work with the program

- First of all, create a hierarchy of work in the form of "work"

- Specify the planned start and end dates (optional)

- In the table, specify the necessary materials costs or work, their quantity and price.

Table of costs can be filled simply by writing it required costs, and you can use the directory. Being in the directory, click on the taskbar button "Basket" - if the open form of "work" that item from the Recycle Bin immediately fit into the costs. The amount you can set a number or using the formula builder

The program interface is intuitive and, I hope, quite ten minutes, that would understand how it works

Pay attention to the hints in the status bar (bottom left) and click the right mouse button when working with lists.

If you need to form their own paper statements, you can create your own report on their own, using standard MS Access

In order that would bind your report to any form (so to speak introduce a report to the system), use the table «FormReport»

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