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WhatIsItAbout new unique file cataloger.

You have a vast array of information: archive of articles, documents, your drafts, templates, code, etc. and you do not know how to structure this bunch of files? How to quickly find the document? How to easily select the files relating to the same subject, but lying in different folders?

By purchasing program WhatIsItAbout, you will forget about these problems!

WhatIsItAbout - a program to search and organize information on your computer.

The main feature of program - taking into account the declensions, conjugations and other morphological changes keywords.

With this cataloguer you can:

==> Organize the catalog of articles, elements of program code and other text information

==> Provide the necessary files you marks and comments

==> Create a logical structure of your data arrays based on categories, topics, and other parameters

==> File to be split into groups.

==> Search for files by keyword (including declination) and using a variety of filters.

Other advantages of using WhatIsItAbout:

==> Cataloguer not take up much space on the disk

==> The program does not require installation and does not contaminate the registry: simply unzip the file to the right place for you and you can start to use cataloguer

==> Using filters on various parameters: category, subject, etc.

==> The ability to save settings, filters and search parameters for regular use

==> Sorting and structuring of files by any combination of their properties

==> Cataloguer organizes not only files but also folders (directories) and links

To permanently solve the problem of ordering and quick search files (articles, texts, programming code, and d. B.) You only need to:

1. The purchase WhatIsItAbout

2. Once you enter the data about the files (to determine their category, topics, etc.)

3. Now you can quickly and easily search and sort your files, organize them into any logical structure.

Having established cataloger WhatIsItAbout, you always solve the problem of ordering and search!
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