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Saturday programming: Borland Delphi 7.

Discipline: Design of Information Systems

In this course project is considered the relevance of documentation to optimize the translation process from one format to another. It was decided to create a program that simplifies and automates the operator of the Department of development and support of information systems JSC "Volga-Dnepr", performing this type of work. It was considered the process of translation of documentation format (.doc) format (.html). It created a powerful visual html-editor, and at the same time does.

Warning: the program sometimes does not work correctly when converting group .doc files, but the main function in the protection of programs were shown, 5 is protected with the assessment.

Help and explanatory note (50 sheets).
After payment, you will receive a link to the archive file and the password to it.

In all the possible alterations on the program, please contact the post office.

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