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What would happen if every inhabitant of the city will be a magic wand? There may come a truly magical mess. In such a situation was Roma. He will learn the secrets of magicians.

(Excerpt from a fairy tale), "Roma worked in the shop of magical products. On the shelves were magic wands, hats nevidivmki, seven-league boots, a platter with a gold platter and other magical items. Roma has recently graduated from high school and in the summer worked in a store. He was very fond of his work himself dreamed of becoming a magician. City, where he lived Roma, was not quite ordinary. The city people live and talking dogs. Just someone to put forth a dog talking humanly and wore a coat and hat. Cats are very jealous of him and hissed at passing dogs in hats. Previously magic products sold to everyone. And everyone can fulfill the most absurd and delusional desire ... "
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