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ISK - InterStellar Kredits in EVE Online - this game currency, common to the entire universe.
For Claims can buy everything in the gaming market, as well as by means of contracts. View the current claims balance on your account, you can open the wallet (Wallet) from the menu or by pressing the keyboard shortcut Alt + W.

ISK will be delivered in the name of your character by purchasing a contract you put up at the station Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant (Jita IV - Moon 4 - Assembly Complex Caldari Navy) or, if an agreement, option on the buyer´s choice. Delivery is made from 5 minutes to 24-hours, depending on the time of day and availability of an operator. Once you have paid for the selected item, contact the Communications and let us know the PIN code you received after payment, as well as the name of your character in the game, and convenient way to transfer.

After purchase, you will see a PIN-code, you will need to notify us via any of the means of communication (see. Contacts) and an item will be given to Your nickname.

Gate Into Game wishes you a pleasant flight!

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Operator speaks English & Russian & Ukrainian Languages!
21.05.2018 1:37:19
reeeeeel fast and best worth for the money
14.05.2018 17:54:24
всё супер спс!)
09.05.2018 9:10:15
Быстро чётко !! Спасибо !
09.05.2018 0:11:29
?Muchisimas gracias conos!
08.05.2018 21:42:22
все быстро
07.05.2018 13:16:59
все отлично, качественно +100
01.05.2018 0:47:07
1ккк пришло быстро
17.04.2018 20:32:24
seller is very helpfully, safe and i think best one also price is low and turustworthy
17.03.2018 21:24:59
Всё быстро и точно. Молодцы!!!
09.03.2018 15:45:41
Всё Получил Спасибо!
03.03.2018 11:49:36
Delivery was done in a jiffy! Price was the best on the market, would totally recommend him.
01.03.2018 22:55:25
все отлично и главное быстро
01.03.2018 0:15:29
Thank you !
24.02.2018 15:10:28
Без обмана и напрягов. в отличие от других.
18.02.2018 23:26:07
vsio horosho , operativno i bez problem
17.02.2018 10:25:49
Отличный продавец все быстро получил
17.02.2018 10:11:46
Спасибо! Лучшая цена за ISK!
15.02.2018 10:14:07
Сделка прошла успешно, рекомендую!
13.02.2018 22:28:46
Всё отлично! Быстрая оперативная связь, объяснили что и как делать. И сразу всё перечислили! Супер, Спасибо!!
13.02.2018 18:03:56

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