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This product is a unique code to receive EVE-Online ISK.

To get the ISK-and you need to inform the manager of the received code and the name of the character of the receiving game currency. Manager is available at the contact information listed on the page "Detailed information on the seller and its products" (URL:

The goods are delivered by one of the following ways.

1 way.

Manager told nickname game character, who you will need to put a personal contract, that is to sell something small - holder, lens, UNIT ore ... - for the purchased amount of claims.

2 method.

If you have a spell in the Jita - better to specify it as the payee. In this case, can not transfer or contract, and the transfer of claims on Trade in presentation. You specify the necessary items you bought on the amount of claims (or more), the operator would buy them and give you for Trade in the Jita. It does not take much time, but will significantly increase the security of the transmission.

Delivery of goods is carried out in the period from 10 minutes to 24 hours after receiving the code and information about the name of the character.
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