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Electronic collection of 52.0 MB.jpg.

Contents of the collection:

# "Dmitry Medvedev at the background of the flag" JPG file 1891h2600piks. 1.93MB. view file

# "Vladimir Putin at the background of the flag" file 1888h2596piks. 1.540MB.smotret file

# Portrait of Dmitry Medvedev on a gray background 'JPG file 6252h7257piks. 23.9MB. Watch file

# "Double portrait on the background of the Kremlin" file 2598x1731piks. 3.29MB.jpgsmotret file

# "Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin background" JPG file 1572h1939piks. 1.71MB. view file

# The official portrait of Dmitry Medvedev in the Kremlin File 1795h3415piks. 3.25MB.smotret file

# Portrait of Vladimir Putin kabinete.fayl 5887x3742piks. 12.4MB. view file

# "Portrait of Vladimir Putin at the background of the flag in the chair" is a file 2040 x 2536PX. 2.84MB.smotret file

# "Portrait of Dmitry Medvedev at the background of the Kremlin" - a file 1620h2003piks. 2.01MB. view file
# Collection is 305% savings (for individual files are 90 rubles. And the entire collection of files 9 200 rub.)

# The electronic collection includes the original files are created in the portrait studio of the Union of Artists of Russia.

All the proceeds will go to the creation of free el.knigi art and books for beginners and professional artists
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