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This is a virtual prepaid card designed exclusively for purchases on the Internet; Map is a complete analogue of the usual plastic Visa, but only in electronic form.

When you purchase you automatically get the card details: a unique sixteen-digit card number, CVV2 code and expiration date of the card (expiry date).

The procedure for making a purchase with this card on the site you want: Enter issued you the card details, enter any name and any name and address of any Russian. All data type English letters.

Maps have excellent cross on a huge number of sites, both Russian and foreign, working with people from Russia.

Recommended to buy a card with a margin of a few euros (minimum 1) in case of pre-authorization card service where you use it, the possible hidden fees or other surprises.

Cards are accepted in services such as PayPal, Steam,,,, WOW RUS, Ebay, Google Adwords,,,, iTunes RU, DarkFallOnline, 4game. ru,, Google Checkout, GodAddy,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, LineAge,,,, PSN RUS,,, Ventrilo,, Dreamhost. com,, Moneybookers, Amazon,,,,,,,, Ozon, Yahoo,, RFonline. ru,, and many many others.

Guaranteed period: 1 month after purchase. Try to use the card during this period.
The presence of positive reviews about the purchase, you get:

+ Return to the card balance transfer to WebMoney or your mobile phone.

+ Refund for purchase in the absence of operations on a map, or in the case of refund on it (refund).

Balance check cards, statements of operations (for PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.), as well as advice FREE!

We offer the best prices! Long-standing reputation as a reliable seller, individual approach to each client.

Full list of all denominations:

Thank you for using our service! :)
27.09.2018 14:35:15
Получилось оплатить. Быстро
31.08.2018 9:04:42
+++ Good card
23.06.2018 10:24:46
Приобрел. Все прошло успешно. Спасибо!
Есть только 2 вопроса:
Как получить остаток?
Как получить карту с конкретным балансом?
21.05.2018 17:43:50
Хороший продавец!
21.01.2018 14:37:13
Спасибо, письмо с номером карты пришло сразу
23.11.2017 11:23:47
Все отлично
12.10.2017 16:44:32
все работает!
17.08.2017 20:38:00
04.07.2017 18:51:15
Всё супер! Продавец очень помог, за что ему большое Спасибо!
09.06.2017 18:12:48
Все отлично, оплата прошла
02.12.2016 13:28:13
Все отлично!
15.06.2016 20:42:39
оплата в сложном магазине прошла, вернул деньги
24.05.2016 12:10:35
на zombaio com не прошла, продавец вернул деньги без проблем.
18.03.2016 0:03:54
18.02.2016 15:38:28
Осущствлён возврат
17.02.2016 6:48:40
24.01.2016 23:28:19
Отлично, работает спасибо за помощь
04.01.2016 20:54:27
25.12.2014 12:45:35
Все просто супер ! Не первый раз пользуюсь и все устраивает спасибо

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